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♪ Saranade -- BoomBoom! ♫
Monday: October 08, 2007 at 01:40 pm
[Tsubasa] Fanfiction Collection

So now with that announcement out of the way: Hello!!

This is where you can find all my [Tsubasa] fanfiction to date, so anyone who is interested in reading something can find it without digging through the mess that is my crazy journal.

***Multi-chapter Stories***

Tsubasa; Revolutions
Paring(s): Kurogane/Fai
Story Rating: Mature -for sexual content in later chapters
Story Status: Sixteen Chapters - COMPLETE!! =D
Word Count: 65,044
Story Summary: Set to take place post-Acid!Tokyo/pre-Infinity. Told from Fai's point of view, we follow the group as they continue their journy and search for feathers in a strangely "perfect" kingdom where anything judged to be "bad" is banished from the world entirely.
Chapter One: The Silver City
Chapter Two: The Golden King
Chapter Three: A Perfect, Broken World
Chapter Four: Bitter, Sweet Dreams
Chapter Five: Candy From Strangers
Chapter Six: Dreamscape
Chapter Seven: The Other Side of Nightmares
Chapter Eight: Captive
Chapter Nine: Gypsies and Thieves
Chapter Ten: Black and White, Hot and Cold
Chapter Eleven: Shadows and Dolls
Chapter Twelve: What I Do Best
Chapter Thirteen: Breakaway
Chapter Fourteen: Sunrise
Chapter Fifteen: The Return
Chapter Sixteen: The End and The Beginning
Chapter Sixteen: The End and The Beginning

Pairing(s): Kurogane/Fai and Kurogane/Fai?!
Story Rating: Mature for later chapters
Story Status: Work in Progress
Word Count: 12,124+ and counting...
Summary: Yuuko did warn them that they would run into familiar faces along the way; people who shared the same appearance as those they once knew, though they would lead completely different lives. None of them knew just how true those words could be… until now.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight

***Shoter KuroFai Fics***

Fumbling in the Darkness
: Kurogane/Fai
Story Status: OneShot - Complete
Word Count: 4,659
Genera: Semi-serious/semi-fluff
Summary: Set in non-canon world post-Nihon arc; Fai is taken by the inhabitants of this strange new world during a feather-searching outing, and Kurogane is not happy.


Castle In the Sand
Characters/Paring: Kurogane, Fai
Prompt: Youth
Story Status: Complete
Word Count: 3,785
Summary: AU-Gen/Fluff fic revolving around the story of Kurogane and Fai as childhood friends.
*no spoiler warnings


Nothing Worse
: Kurogane, Fai
Story Status: OneShot/Drabble - Complete
Word Count: 432
Genra: General Angst
Summary: Short snapshot of a moment that could have happened in Infinity


Pearl in the Moonlight
Prompt: Life is Beautiful
Story Status: OneShot - Complete
Rating: Sweet Fluffiness For All Ages
Word Count: 624
Summary: S
weet fluffy Kurogane thoughts. He has them... I promise.
*No Spoiler Warnings.


What I Like
Paring: Kurogane/Fai
Story Rating: PG13ish for later chapters
Story Status: Work in Progress
Summary: Fluffy story set pre-Acid!Tokyo

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

***Other Parings***

A Taste of Magic
Paring: C!Syaoran/R!Syaoran
Story Rating: Mature
Word Count: 2,541
Story Status: OneShot - Complete
Summary: Set loosely around chapters 168/169 (Nihon Arc) - Syaoran deals with an uninvited guest one evening while everyone else is asleep.


Alone, Together
Characters: Kurogane, Syaoran
Parings: Implied Kurogane/Fai and Syaoran/Sakura with vague Kurogane/Syaoran undertones for a little something different
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 2,445
Story Status: OneShot - Complete
Summary: Inspired by the request of "Kurogane/R!Syaoran. Comforting each other in Infinity arc," but that was just the inspiration. There is no kink, but that is still the general premise. XD Please enjoy


***Horitsuba Fics***

Paring: Kurogane/Fai
Story Rating: General Fluff
Story Status: OneShot - Complete
Summary: Just your not-so-average winter day at Horitsuba High!


***Drabbles and Such***

Music Inspired Drabbles
Characters/Parings: Kurogane/Fai, Sakura/Syaoran, C!Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane
Rating: General
Note: Also includes a few other fandoms (Heroes, Lost and ST:Enterprise) but they are all well-marked


~ Updated April 25th, 2008